March 1 Deadlines Fast Approaching!

There are a number of deadlines relating to Convention that are fast approaching, including Program Planning, Bylaw Amendments, and Award applications.  Visit the Convention 2014 area for more information.

Big News!!

The updated Member Resources site is coming soon – very soon! The Forums site will be unavailable today, February 19th, as the content of both the Members Area and the Forums websites are merged into one, integrated Member Resources site. The whole process will take several hours with the site re-opening on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

  • For those interested in commenting on negative ads funded by big, secret money that hit our communities this fall, here's a sample OpEd you could adapt and send to your newspaper or post on blog.  Even though many of us will continue to question whether the $6 billion spent on the 2012 elections was wasted, what we know is that this deluge of money and the flood of campaign ads will not be going away and that citizens really do want the facts and not the spin.   Thank goodness the League is here to help offer fact based information through our voter guides and forums!

  • If you see TV stations doing Fact Checking segments - please send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper in support of that action.  Sample text has been drafted for your use. Remember to replace the needed information (replace [locality] with your location or League name, etc.) You can download a word version of this text at the bottom of the page.


  • Potentially Misleading Campaign Ads from Outside Groups Flood the Nation’s Television Airwaves. A record number of campaign advertisements are flooding the television airwaves in communities across the nation. Many of these ads are being run by “outside groups” that are supposedly independent from a candidate. These “outside group” ads (sometimes referred to “third-party” ads) threaten to spread misinformation as studies have shown that these ads contain a higher level of both attacks and inaccurate statements than candidate campaign ads.

  • The League’s Truth in Campaign Advertising project seeks to encourage and support local television stations as they exercise their responsibility to ensure the campaign ads they run are accurate, to reject those that are not, and, as part of their service to their communities, on the station’s news segments to provide viewers with nonpartisan, objective analysis of the political ads being run on their station. And help the public become critical/sophisticated/knowledgeable viewers of the ads that are on the air.
  • Develepoed for Leagues Participating in the “Truth in Campaign Advertising” Project

    Click here to listen to Meredith McGeehee discuss her work with LWV on the Truth in Campagin Advertising project.  In this short video, she discusses what YOU can do!