March 1 Deadlines Fast Approaching!

There are a number of deadlines relating to Convention that are fast approaching, including Program Planning, Bylaw Amendments, and Award applications.  Visit the Convention 2014 area for more information.

Big News!!

The updated Member Resources site is coming soon – very soon! The Forums site will be unavailable today, February 19th, as the content of both the Members Area and the Forums websites are merged into one, integrated Member Resources site. The whole process will take several hours with the site re-opening on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

  • "The League focused my life and at the same time magnified it; it took my small talents and increased their impact."
  • While League has always been more than a “women’s organization,” our founding and our history make it only natural that we should acknowledge and mark certain milestones for women. This document contains a list of suggested activities that Leagues could implement anytime, but might be planned around one of these milestones as the “hook” to spark wider interest.
  • This powerpoint was presented in the Social Media Workshop at Convention in June 2012.
  • These business cards are great for disseminating League information to potential members.
  • "As a political science professor, my students often ask where they can find nonpartisan information on issues about which they are confused. My pride in the work of the League really stems from helping to reduce this confusion. We keep voters informed on current election issues from a nonpartisan perspective."
  • Honor your local 50-year members with this press template. Customize it for your local League by downloading the attachment.
  • "My favorite memory is from my first national convention. A very contentious issue was being debated, and I loved watching the discussion at the pros and con mikes. It made me proud to be part of such a well informed, smart group of women and men."
  • "It makes me proud to follow in Mom's footsteps as a League member. The League is an important part of my life. I only hope that my daughters will follow suit."
  • These downloadable files were developed for League use in accordane to the the logo's trademark / guidelines.  In order to protect the logo as marked, we cannot approve requests to alter its appearance in ways other than prescribed in these guidelines. Includes downloadable graphic files, guidance on what file type to use, etc.

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