March 1 Deadlines Fast Approaching!

There are a number of deadlines relating to Convention that are fast approaching, including Program Planning, Bylaw Amendments, and Award applications.  Visit the Convention 2014 area for more information.

Big News!!

The updated Member Resources site is coming soon – very soon! The Forums site will be unavailable today, February 19th, as the content of both the Members Area and the Forums websites are merged into one, integrated Member Resources site. The whole process will take several hours with the site re-opening on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

  • "When my son was voting for the first time, he wanted to be sure that his vote was one that would elect candidates whose views jibed with his. He consulted me, and we used the VOTERS GUIDE along with the local newspaper. He paid close attention to the answers candidates gave. I was grateful to the League of Women Voters for providing such a valuable tool, and I wanted to repay the debt."
  • "It was the non-partisan, civil discourse that attracted me to the League of Women Voters at a time when the discourse in our country was becoming stridently divisive."
  • "The amazing women -- and men -- I've met through the League have taught me how to move capably through the tumultuous partisanship I find in my current job, and have become not just amazing role models, but wonderful friends."
  • "I found it inspiring to know about all the other aspects of League work and I was motivated to join. I also thought that it would be worthwhile and satisfying on a personal level to be able to work in a non-partisan way to try to effect change in my community and state."
  • "What an exciting endeavor! The League has allowed me to participate in events such as networking at the state level, meeting local officials in our community, participating in candidates forums and many more activities."
  • "I've been so impressed with the people I meet through the League. They are so down-to-earth and hard-working. No big ego trips, no holier-than-thou political correctness. Just really well-informed people who are in it for the long haul."
  • "I decided then and there to join the League which in fact did "get into" matters of local and national concern. They did not disappoint."
  • "Working with my local league has enabled me to meet some remarkable people, gain leadership skills and become a better public speaker. I wouldn’t trade my League experience for anything."
  • "Many times local issues in my community don't get the focus and attention they need to genuinely educate and engage the public on them...including me! Public forums my local League conducts make me feel a true personal connection to local issues and candidates."