• The UN held a day long conference April 3, 2012 on fighting human trafficking.  Of special interest were expert panelists representing the UN, business, academia and the media.  The League's UN Observers were there and was the only NGO that was invited to make a statement, "Thank you for the opportunity to speak.  I'd like to echo the comments of Prof.

  • New York, March 1976
  • Board of Directors National League of Women Voters Chicago Convention, February 1920 Top row: left to right: Miss Katherine Ludington, Hartford, Conn. Director 1st region; Mrs. Richard Edwards, Peru, Indiana,treasurer; Miss Della Dorth, Nashville, Tenn., director 3rd region; Mrs. George Gellhorn, St. Louis, MO. Vice chairman and director 6th region; Mrs. James Paige, Minneapolis, Minn., director 5th region; Mrs. Solon Jacobs, Birmingham, Ala., secretary.Lower row: left to right: Mrs. Maud Wood Park, Boston, President 1920-24; Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout, Chicago,chairman hostess committee; Mrs.
  • Taken at DC League luncheon on March 26, 1930 in celebration of tenth anniversary of woman suffrage. Left to right: Mrs. Ida Husted Harper, Miss Belle Sherwin, Mrs. Henry Grattan Doyle, and Mrs. Mary Norton.
  • Pictured are Dr. Luther Evans, Miss Anna Lord Strauss, Mrs. Harold A. Stone, Mrs. Louise Young, Mrs. Donald B. Stough, Mrs. Joseph MacGowan, Mrs. George Russell, Mrs Anne Hartwell Johnstone. March 1,1950
  • A Citizenship School in Tampa, FL is conducted by Mrs. W. Ramsey, 5th Vice President, and Miss Hildah Morrehead, regional secretary (1), in connection with the Florida League Convention, March 1929
  • Delegates to the Conference of College Leagues meeting in Jefferson City, Missouri on February 15, 1929. In the group are several legislators.
  • Democratic convention 1920 Seated: (left) Miss Dortch of Tennessee, 1st Director from 3rd region who resigned during year (right) Mrs. Richard Edwards. Standing: (left to right) Miss Mary McDowell of Chicago, Miss Adah Bush of Indiana Mrs. Patty Jacobs, Mrs. Maud Wood Park, Mrs. Simmons of Portland, Oregon, 1st Director of 7th Region, Mrs. James Paige of Minneapolis