Date:  February – April, 2011

Location:  Fairforest, Lone Oak, Chapman, and Arcadia Elementary Schools, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Event:  School Program

Partners:  Boys and Girls Clubs of Spartanburg; Spartanburg County Historical Association

In collaboration with the Spartanburg County Historical Association, the League of Spartanburg developed an educational program on judicial selection in South Carolina to be used by elementary school students who participate in Boys and Girls Clubs in Spartanburg.  Each student was given a 25-page workbook that covered three lessons, after which he/she needed to share with three adults to explain what he/she has learned in this program.  The lessons culminated in a mock court event with role playing by participants and by invited members of the judiciary.  The project was so successful that the Spartanburg County Historical Association may add a second and third workbook covering the other two branches of government. 

The participating schools were Fairforest, Lone Oak, Chapman, and Arcadia Elementary Schools.  The mock court events were presided by Jody Cusson-Worley, City prosecutor; Ponda Caldwell, Probate Judge, and Tina McMillan, Magistrate Judge.