Date:  May 3, 2011

Location:  Johnson County Courthouse, Johnson County, Kansas

Partners: Johnson County Bar Association

The goal of the League of Women Voters of Johnson County in hosting a Law Day program for students was to engage diverse young people in middle schools to educate them about employment opportunities within the judicial system.  Five middle schools participated in the project.  Judge Stephen Tatum addressed the students regarding what his job entailed and about how and why he became a judge, what classes might be of interest to them, and the judicial process and courtroom procedures.  The students had an opportunity to ask questions regarding his experiences in the courtroom and cases that he had heard. They were then encouraged to visit various tables set up within the hallways and attend other programs, such as forensics labs and mock courts, offered in various parts of the courthouse.  Students were given bags which held pens, literature, and wristbands. At this time they also were given lunch boxes and photos were taken for them to keep as a memento of Law Day.