Date:  February 10, 2012

Location:  Charleston School of Law, Charleston, South Carolina

Event:  Panel Discussion

Partners:  Charleston Law Review; Richard W. Riley Institute of Government, Politics, and Public Leadership at Furman University

The League of Women Voters of South Carolina sponsored the panel "Fitness to Practice:  What It Means for Attorneys and the Judicial System" at the 4th annual Law & Society Symposium in Charleston.  This panel considered the issue of "fitness to practice" as it impacts the judicial selection system in South Carolina.  Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, gave introductory remarks.  Panelists included John Freeman, Professor Emeritus of the University of South Carolina and Member, Judicial Merit Selection Commission; State Representative John Davis Harrell, Member of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission; State Representative David J. Mack III, Member of the South Carolina Judicial Merit Selection Commission; and Frances P. Segars-Andrews, former South Carolina family court judge.  Professor Constance Anastapoulo, Charleston School of Law, acted as moderator.  Participants raised specific issues, such as political influence when the legislature votes on nominees.