Here is a selection of foreign-language press coverage for the 9th Forum for the Future, with English summaries:


Forum pour l'avenir : La Tunisie propose la création d'un fonds de financement des projets féminins (Babnet Tunisie)

Forum for the Future: Tunisia proposes the creation of a fund for women's projects

DECEMBER 12- Before the commencement of the 9th Forum for the Future, Secretary of State for Asian and American Affairs, Hedi Ben Abbas, proposed the creation of a fund to finance projects exclusively by women to enhance their contribution to the economy. He also recommended the establishment of women’s shelters for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Both proposals and the financial support measures were discussed in depth by experts participating in the Forum...

Le Forum pour l'avenir plaide pour le renforcement du dialogue avec la société civile (Babnet Tunisie)
The Forum for the Future calls for the strengthening of dialogue with civil society

DECEMBER 13 - U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Michael Posner, welcomed the commitment of civil society to support States’ efforts to drive the development process, noting that these meetings were an opportunity to promote coordination between governments, civil society, and the private sector. He also emphasized the need for deeper economic reforms to create a climate conducive to investment and private-public sector partnerships...

Tunisie-Forum pour l’Avenir 2012: Réforme politique et droits de l’Homme, sujets de réunions de haut niveau (DIRECTINFO)
2012 Forum for the Future: Political Reform and Human Rights are subjects of high-level meetings 

DECEMBER 8- The Forum for the Future aims to "promote the reform process in the region and help to create a climate conducive to an open and inclusive dialogue," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Saturday. The ninth session of the G8-BMENA Forum is an ideal setting for the business sector and non-governmental organizations to propose their goals and their views on the reform process. "This session was held in Tunisia at a time when the country agrees on the considerable efforts to ensure the success of the democratic transition process and lay a solid foundation for the modern democratic state," the ministry said...


منتدى المستقبل" يدعو الى التعاون الشامل لمواجهة تحديات المنطقة (Kuwait News Agency)
Forum for the Future calls for “all-round cooperation” to meet the challenges of the region

DECEMBER 13- The final communique issued by the Forum for Future under the supervision of G8 and BMENA ministers stressed the need to renounce violence in the region, “including the ongoing violence, massacres, and human rights violations committed against the Syrian people and peaceful protestors during the regime crackdown since March 2011.” The statement also stressed the importance of the right of peaceable assembly, freedom of expression and association along with the need to support civil society at this critical juncture in the region’s history...

كلمة السيد الوزير أمام الدورة التاسعة لمنتدي المستقبل (Tahrir 2day)
Speech by the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs at the 9th Forum for the Future Announcing 2013 BMENA Partnership

DECEMBER 13 – “It has become necessary to look at the region from a new perspective, and this perspective should reconsider the idea that there is a unified approach through which to consider or deal with political, economic and social reforms stemming from the Arab Spring. The process of reform must come from home and reflect the wishes and aspirations of the people without foreign dictation. We are well aware that the road to democratization is not paved and that elections are not the end result, but the goal of democracy is to promote dialogue, achieve social justice, and uphold the values of human rights. Democratic institution building will be a milestone in the region and when its construction is complete, it will open up broad prospects for political dialogue...”