The League of Women Voters of South Carolina is pleased to share continuing progress from the two-year judicial independence and diversity campaign conducted from 2010-2012.  On January 24, 2013, a South Carolina House Judiciary panel voted unanimously to advance a bill that would allow the legislature to choose judges from among all candidates deemed qualified by the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC), rather than limiting the choice only to a slate of three judges sent up by the commission.

This change is one of the top three priorities for the League of Women Voters of South Carolina because:  1) qualified minority candidates are often not chosen for the slate of three judges sent up to the legislature; 2) the JMSC has, in the past, sent up a slate of three with two weaker candidates and a clear frontrunner, thus making a de facto selection; and 3) the policy contributes to the public perception that the process is not transparent-that JMSC "plays favorites" and thereby compromises the ability of the judiciary to be fair and impartial.

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