Don't call it the Governor's mansion in Colorado. It is the Governor's residence. But whatever name it is called, the residence is beautiful and the League of Women Voters of Colorado's 90th Anniversary event on Thursday night was wonderful. The League filled the residence with members and supporters. Former National President Carolyn Jefferson Jenkins summed up the League's history by reminding us of the call to action for the second annual (yes annual) convention and by listing all the issues that the League has studied since 1920. What an act to follow! Especially with a call to action for the future in 3 minutes or less! But follow I did because it occurred to me that the journey from Seneca Falls to ratification of the 19th Amendment has been followed by the journey that every citizen commences upon becoming eligible to vote: that journey from eligible voter to registered voter to actual voter to informed and active citizen. While Carolyn and I inspired, a talented local ensemble entertained us with musical portrayals of major female figures from Joan of Ark to a certain political celebrity who's ability to stir things up can't be refuted.