The Iowa Caucuses are less than a week away – an early kickoff to what will surely be a long and intense election year 2012. Instead of the usual New Year's resolutions, the League is putting together a list of Election Year Resolutions/Hopes for the upcoming year:


  1. EnsElection Year 2012 Resolutionsure all eligible voters are registered to vote and can exercise their right to vote without having to overcome unnecessary and restrictive hurdles.
  2. Educate the electorate on the candidates and issues on their ballots and help them find their polling place.
  3. Encourage informative and productive debates between candidates so voters can learn about their elected representatives through more than just sound bites.
  4. Fight to make sure voters decide the outcome of elections, not special interest money.
  5. Promise for clean air for children and their families, and change the discussion to the important issues facing Americans in 2012.


We have many challenges ahead of us, but working together with our state and local leagues and all of our supporters, we know we can succeed.
Do you have other Election Year Resolutions or Hopes? Share them with us in the comments.