Redistricting and voter ID are heavy on the minds of voters in TN and NC while the heated political rhetoric in MI has reached new heights. Read "This Week around the Leagues" and comment on the impact that Leagues in these communities have had on these issues.



The Knoxville (TN) League gave voters and two state senators a chance to listen and voice opinions on state legislative issues, including redistricting and the new photo ID law (co-sponsored by one of the senators).  Having advocated against the ID legislation, the Tennessee state League is focusing now on voter education and gathering facts for the legislature by monitoring upcoming elections and reporting on what it finds. Does your state have new ID laws or major election-related changes?

A new West Michigan Civil Conversation Project to bring civility to public dialogue is launching soon. Area leaders realized that too much of our political discourse was happening online, behind screens and with misinformation. To help remedy this, they are organizing face-to-face meetings on neutral ground (a public library) to discuss issues. The idea is to educate each other and explain opposing points of view, not change minds. Grand Haven Area League (MI) member Christine Baker declared, “...this is a way to get deeper understanding of issues and build some relationships.” Is a League or group in your area fostering this type of dialogue?


Moore County League and North Carolina State League President Jo Nicholas applauded the recent vote to redistrict the population based on the 2010 Census and change the County commissioners’ and school board members’ residency districts. The League doggedly urged this action over the past year, and it paid off. The League is proud of its success. “We are like the Energizer Bunny,” declared Nichols.

“This Week around the Leagues” is a recurring series to showcase Leagues at work around the country.