We had good news this week with respect to voter ID in two states, Wisconsin and Texas and bad news in Pennsylvania where a new voter ID statute was just signed into law. The League has worked hard at the state and national level to get the word out that voter ID gives the public a false sense of security. 

These laws fail to address the real issues in the electoral system, low voter registration and turnout, but they also are expensive to implement and create the need for whole new government programs to maintain. The public is largely supportive of these laws in the belief that everyone has the required government issued ID. For most, it is hard to imagine not being able to vote for lack of a driver’s license or similar government photo ID. But let us think about this, Indiana has one of the most restrictive requirements in the country and a primary election coming up in May. After the devastation wrought by tornadoes last month, how prepared is the State of Indiana to deal with the next disaster – making sure that every eligible voter has the necessary ID to vote in May, even those who lost everything in a tornado.  Did your experience with the tornadoes last month put your ability to participate and vote in the upcoming primary at risk?