Hot off the presses: Shining a Light: Redistricting Lessons Learned in 2011. Be sure to read and share our new report on the groundbreaking efforts of Leagues and other advocates to promote a more fair and transparent redistricting process.  Shining a Light also highlights reform opportunities for additional improvements over the next decade.

“While it is clear that there is no single uniform set of solutions for improving redistricting, these reflections represent the issues and challenges that arose most frequently in the communities where Leagues worked,” noted the report.  Shining a Light does outline several lessons learned from the 2011 redistricting processes including effective grassroots mobilization, use of new technologies, and bringing in the media and partner organizations as allies on these efforts.

Our thanks go out to the incredible League advocates, especially the state Leagues of California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, who were instrumental in bringing about positive change during this redistricting cycle. 

What redistricting issues are you seeing in your community? What reforms are you interested in pursuing? Tell us in the comments below!