The Regional Training for LWV State Coaches this past weekend was a great success! Thirty League leaders from 9 states (mostly in the central region of the United States) gathered with LWVUS board, staff, and 8 of the 23 Ruth S. Shur Fellows in Houston, TX from April 13-15, 2012. These League leaders have volunteered to be state coaches as part of the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program

With BIG challenges facing our democracy – from the highly polarized and partisan political dialogue to laws being passed threatening to deny voters the right to vote - the League of Women Voters is needed now more than ever to register, inform and mobilize voters.   The state coaches were trained to help strengthen our community-based local Leagues and their impact within their communities for this critical democracy building work. 

Using an appreciative inquiry approach state coaches took time to recognize their own strengths, hone their listening skills, and role-play coaching a local League leader to maximize their effectiveness in serving the voters and strengthen our impact in the community.

The state coaches left the training enthusiastic about what the League can and will do in this election season and for years to come!  The next step, in partnership with the state Leagues and the Ruth S. Shur Fellows, LWVUS will conduct trainings this summer and fall for local League leaders to strengthen their League as they strengthen our democracy.  

To see photos from the training, check out our album on Facebook!

Please contact if you have questions about the MLD program or would like information about how to participate.