Voters beware.  There is a flood of secret money headed into towns all across America and it looks like there is nothing to stop it from drowning out your voices this fall.  But our elected officials can do something to help. They can support full disclosure and tell us where this money is coming from.  They can give voters the information they need to cast a vote.

This week we began running radio ads in Tennessee and Maine, urging their Senators to step up and lead on the vital issue of disclosure and campaign finance reform.  The ad, “Flood of Money,” encourages the Senators to help bring sunshine and disclosure to the secret money pouring into American elections.

“It is so important for the issue of secret money in elections to be placed squarely in front of the public.  Many may have already been hearing about this issue in the news but not realize that right now corporations, unions, lobbyists and special interests can spend millions to get the elected officials they want into power, and to do so in complete secrecy,” said Elisabeth MacNamara, national President of the League.

This needs to change because Americans deserve all the information they can get before they vote.  Tell us where the money is coming from and let the voters decide.  The League has worked on campaign finance reform at the local, state and national levels for decades and is optimistic that these key public officials will support disclosure and giving the voters all the information they need to make their decisions on Election Day. 

The ads will run on stations in Chattanooga and Nashville, TN and Bangor and Portland, ME from May 24-June 1, 2012.  To listen to the ad running on Tennessee radio, click HERE.  To hear the ad airing in Maine, click HERE.