LWV Executive Director Nancy Tate with America Ferrera at America4America Launch

LWVUS Executive Director Nancy Tate joined key voter engagement leaders and TV/movie star America Ferrera today in a frank discussion about the challenges facing Latino voters and the work that remains to be done in the last few months leading up to Election 2012. Read about the event and America Ferrera’s new America4America campaign.

With Latino civic participation lagging behind that of other communities and a new slew of photo voter ID and other barriers to the ballot box now in place in many states, the League’s work has never been more needed. But together with partners like Voto Latino, the Bus Federation, and many more, we stand ready to meet the challenge.

Today’s conversation was an inspiring reminder that together we can register, educate and motivate all Americans to successfully cast a vote this year.

This election isn’t just about politics. This election is about much more including your job, your health care and your community. Make sure you and the people in your life are registered to vote and have the information they need to participate by visiting www.VOTE411.org.