This summer, the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program is providing training to local and state League leaders from nine states that are entering the program for the first time ever.  After a wonderful financial out-pouring of support for the MLD program at the LWVUS Convention in June 2012, Cheryl, Carol, Kelly, and I (the League trainers for the MLD program) have been met with enthusiasm for the program and for the future of the League.

In July alone, LWVUS provided training to over 150 League members in Minnesota, Iowa, Florida, and Texas! League members from each location enjoyed networking with League members from across the state, learning tried-and-true techniques to grow and strengthen the League, focused on engaging current members and the community, and left energized to pursue bigger and better things!

“We are already implementing some of the exercises and seeing results. We just added two new members!” said Ingrid Jimenez of the LWV of Charlotte County, just days after attending the training in Winter Park, FL.

A participant from the LWV of Lubbock County said of her experience in Austin, TX: “I was blown away by the positive energy and engagement throughout the weekend.  I know we've just begun and there are miles to go, but I can't imagine how there could there have been a better kick-off.”

Next stops on the training plan include Washington, Nebraska, and Oklahoma in mid-August and then Illinois and Oregon in September.