Last week, the Brennan Center for Justice convened a bi-partisan group of Secretaries of State from Nevada, Minnesota, Oregon and North Dakota for a panel discussion on voter registration modernization. The League agrees with the distinguished panel that the nation’s current state-based voter registration systems should undergo major improvements, and that policymakers should work quickly to address the issue while the problems voters faced this past Election Day are still fresh in voters’ minds.

Registration modernization is a key pro-voter reform issue that the League has identified as a priority at both the state and federal levels. We join the Brennan Center in calling upon our policymakers to implement:

  • Permanent and portable statewide voter registration: Nearly 50 percent of Americans move within five years. Once voters have taken the responsibility to properly register to vote, their registration should stay active whenever they move within that state.
  • Secure online voter registration: As more and more Americans use the Internet for daily tasks like paying bills and banking, states should develop online voter registration programs to increase efficiency.

Given the widespread public support for modernizing our voter registration system, now is the time for action. We must do everything in our power to ensure that elections are free, fair and accessible. Modernizing voter registration is a crucial part of this process.