The LWVEF is pleased to release a new whitepaper entitled Power the Vote 2012: How a new initiative launched results for millions of voters.

This comprehensive report, available for download below, showcases the best of what League volunteers and activists accomplished in the 2012 election cycle. It also provides a powerful glimpse into how the League successfully integrated election year priorities and resources at all levels of the League (national, state, and local) in order to achieve unprecedeted results. The report highlights key programmatic accomplishments including: the 11+ voter suppression bills defeated through League activism; more than 100,000 diverse citizens registered to vote by League volunteers; millions of voters educated in-person and online; and unprecedented social media and other messages deployed to help voters successfully cast a vote. Finally, it lays out a plan for how the League will continue to advocate for voters as well as strengthen and expand our electorate in 2013 and beyond. 

The LWVEF sincerely thanks all the partners, supporters and volunteers who made the Power the Vote initiative possible. We look forward to future collaborations that best help voters of all backgrounds participate successfully in our democracy.