When the League powered the vote for the 2012 Election, we reminded voters that ‘your vote is your voice.’ This week we honor Sunshine Week 2013, a nationwide effort to open up dialogue on the importance of transparency in government and freedom of information. The League is proud to co-sponsor this year’s signature event, National Freedom of Information Day being held in Washington, DC on March 15, 2013.

Although votes have been cast and counted, government of, by and for the people requires active and engaged citizen voices all the time, not just during an election. To realize the power of the vote, we must raise our voices to demand accountability. 

And that is what our Leagues and our members continue to do. Whether is it our work on climate change, gun safety or our ongoing efforts to protect and expand the right to vote, Leagues work year-round to be sure that Americans know what their elected officials are doing in their communities

The League was founded 93 years ago not just to register and inform newly enfranchised women voters, but also to integrate women into the political process. To accomplish either mission, League members relied on facts with the belief that knowledge is power. Over the years, the League has become a trusted source for information on both the electoral and political process as well as the issues that confront the community, and we have set out to share that knowledge with citizens through our voters’ guides, candidate and issues forums and legislative briefings.

We are seeing a new, more diverse majority emerge in America and that majority is just now finding its voice. While the League has fought hard to keep politicians from silencing this new majority by erecting barriers to the vote, the fight is far from over. Voting rights and even citizenship continue to be hot button issues. From legislative newsletters to educational forums, the League has always helped voters translate the power of their vote to the power of their voice. But our work is also about holding government officials accountable once they have been elected to public office. League observer corps programs have helped ensure citizens are getting real facts about what the government is doing, and not just settling for sound bites.

Stand with us and join the League in your community to be sure our government is open, transparent and accountable to all our voices!