EDITORIAL NOTE: This blog post was originally published on the The Huffington Post.

Life is increasingly busy. People are spending more time working, traveling and trying to make ends meet in a rough economy. What better timing for policymakers to make seemingly innocuous changes to something as important as voting rights and slip them past a preoccupied electorate? Unfortunately, this troubling scenario is what's currently unfolding in the states.

Over 2,200 bills have been introduced at the state level, and every state is currently weighing changes to its electoral process. But in addition to what's happening in the states, the U.S. Supreme Court also holds the future of voting rights across the country in its hands. Not one, but two major voting rights cases were recently heard by the Court, Shelby County v. Holder and Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc (ITCA). These cases have the potential to strike terrible blows to core protections of Americans' right to vote.

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