Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a regulation to curb industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. The regulation would help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change and endanger the health of millions of Americans. Millions of people across the country wrote to EPA in support of this proposed regulation and it was set to be finalized in April of this year. Instead, the Administration is sitting on it, even though the legal deadline for action has passed.

The President has the authority and the responsibility under existing law to control carbon pollution. However, despite positive statements he made throughout 2012, in his 2013 inaugural address, and the State of the Union Address, President Obama continues to drag his feet on controlling carbon emissions from power plants.  

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of our generation, perhaps any generation. The League has been calling on the President to take the steps necessary to control industrial carbon pollution for too long now. In the last year, League members and supporters have generated tens of thousands of messages to President Obama and the EPA asking for real action to protect the air we breathe and our warming planet. The League also launched a successful print ad campaign in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and participated in the largest climate change rally in history. We will continue to push the President to do the right thing and lead the fight on climate change so that the rest of the world can follow.

Saving the world is a legacy worth fighting for. The power to act rests squarely on the President’s shoulders and is within the regulatory powers he already possesses. Join the League and tell President Obama to use his existing powers to cut carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.