Use to get the elections information you need

In states all around the country, early voting periods are underway. Yesterday, I took advantage of Georgia’s early voting in anticipation of a final election season trip to Ohio, where that state’s early voting will continue over the weekend.

In states like  Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, which have enacted restrictive voting laws, early voting provides voters and elections officials alike an opportunity to identify and resolve issues that might otherwise prevent votes from counting on Election Day. Earlier this week, a Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit that accused election officials of failing to fully process thousands of pending voter registration applications, meaning thousands of Georgians' right to vote may be compromised this election cycle.

Early voting is also a convenience for both voters and election officials. In Georgia, where the voter ID and proof of citizenship requirements are very strict, some local election officials have used their discretion to offer Sunday voting for the first time; approximately 10,000 voters came out last Sunday to take advantage. One voter was quoted in the newspaper crediting his pastor with reminding him to go and vote.

This is an important election, not just because of the federal races involved but also because so many state and local officials are on the ballot. While the League continues to oppose new restrictions on registration and voting, we also continue to work at the local level with registrars and administrators dedicated to making elections about voters and their ability to weigh in on the issues most important to them, and not about which party wins or loses.

As we near the end of yet another election season, we continue to encourage voters to turn out and make their voices heard; we continue to work with those dedicated professionals to make this election free, fair and accessible to every eligible voter.

In every state in the union, Leagues are doing the work that the League does best: arming voters with the information they need to get to the polls and make the choices that will best serve our nation, our states and our communities. It is the work that the League has done for almost 95 years and there is no one that does it better than us.