Happy Mother's Day!

On Mother’s Day, join the League of Women Voters in celebrating how essential mothers are to our political system. Mothers help instill the importance of voting in their loved ones and are vital in raising engaged citizens and active voters.

Share our Mother’s Day image to help reflect upon the important role that mothers play in fostering strong civic values within their children!

Committed to fostering an engaged citizenry, the League often relies upon mothers to organize and educate others on the central issues facing our communities and the importance of elections. The League’s strong national network is committed to ensuring that all voters can participate in our democracy and that our elections are fair, free and accessible.

This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating the important role mothers fill in raising engaged and active citizens.

The League’s founding principle was that women deserved equal access to the vote, including the ability to voice their opinions on the issues facing American society. The commitment and dedication of our founding members forever altered American history. The League of Women Voters continues to fight to keep the power of our democracy in the hands of the people. Through our unwavering commitment to Making Democracy Work® over the past 95 years, the League is empowering people across the country every day to tackle the most important issues facing our communities and to improve local, state and federal government.

Thank the mothers you know who are working to raise engaged and active citizens by sharing our image.

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all that you do.