Julia Diepernik

In honor of 95 years of Making Democracy Work®, LWVVUS staff members are sharing stories about their work with the League.

Julia Dieperink, Membership & Leadership Development Coordinator

Years at LWVUS:
Two years

I care about the League’s work because:
My father wasn’t a citizen until I was 18, so there had always been a large emphasis on voting in my household since he felt that he couldn’t fully participate without the vote. We were both able to vote for the first time in the same election. I want to make sure that others continue to have this right to be involved in our democracy.

My favorite experience with the League has been:
I work closely with the Ruth S. Shur Fellows, and all of my experiences with them have been so informative and fun!

The most inspiring thing I’ve learned from the League and its members is:
That people do care about issues in their communities and are willing to commit a tremendous amount of time and energy to causes they believe in.

In 2015 and beyond, I look forward to the League:
Continuing to fight the good fight and for more and more people to realize the importance of our work.

The League of Women Voters is celebrating 95 years of Making Democracy Work® at every level of government. In 1920, the League was founded as an outgrowth of the movement that secured women the right to vote to help new voters engage with their government. Today, the League empowers all voters to improve their local, state and national government. Learn more about the League of Women Voters and join our celebration!