Strengthening Democracy
The Strengthening Democracy award is to showcase the work of Leagues that activate their grassroots network to advocate change around priority issues. For this award, we’re rewarding Leagues at the state level as well as the local level.
Tell Congress to end gridlock at the Federal Election Commission

It’s time to reform the Federal Election Commission. Tell Congress to support the Federal Election Administration Act of 2016. The new Federal Election Administration (FEA) would be comprised of five commissioners and would end gridlock at the commission and put the public’s interests over partisan interests.

“This decision sends a dangerous signal to voters across the country, one the League is prepared to fight at every opportunity,” said President MacNamara.

The High Impact Visibility award rewards Leagues that effectively use a broad range of communications platforms to reach voters, potential members and partners, the media and the public on priority national and local programs.
Paris Agreement COP21 on climate change

On Earth day, world leaders will gather at the United Nations to sign the agreement put together during the UN Climate Conference in Paris. The historic agreement signaled the commitment to fight climate change by a global coalition.

“We are pleased that the images of several of the inspirational leaders who fought to secure the right to vote for women will grace our nation's currency," said President MacNamara.

The Effective Community Engagement award will reward innovative democracy-building programs that prioritized successful recruitment and engagement of strategic partners and/or new volunteers, particularly those focused on better serving key underrepresented groups such as young voters and new citizens. Anyone can vote and the polls will close on May 31.