Leagues and Redistricting Reform: Creating Representative Districts

Like the Florida League, Leagues across the country are seeking solutions to the issue of redistricting and gerrymandered Congressional districts.

League Staff Rallying for the Voting Rights Amendment Act, June 2014

This week, the League attended a special meeting on Capitol Hill conducted by Senators Mark Begich and Harry Reid concerning voting rights.

Celebrating 166 Years Since Seneca Falls

This week marks the 166th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention, the 1848 meeting responsible for making the first formal demand for women’s suffrage.

“This decision gives us a new tool to fight partisan gerrymandering,” said President MacNamara.

A Win for Voters in Ohio!

In Ohio and elsewhere, state and local Leagues are responding to elections law changes of all kinds by providing voters with accurate, up-to-date voting resources and information.

High School students register to vote

Preliminary results of our high school voter registration project show that we helped register thousands of young people to vote this spring! Here are six major takeaways that have us excited about young voters.

Mark Independence Day by Making Democracy Work

This Independence Day, honor our nation and democracy by encouraging your fellow citizens to register to vote or update their voter registration record.