Pollution for power plants

Despite the stay on implementation of the Clean Power Plan, some states are moving forward to develop state plans to implement the regulation in their own jurisdictions. The LWVUS Climate Change task force has developed a working guide for those wishing to get involved at the state level.

Congrats, Graduates!

Congratulate the graduates you know on their achievement and encourage them to register to vote with our eCard.The League’s eCard directs recipients to VOTE411.org where new voters can easily start the voter registration process.

Sign our petition

Sign our petition to President Obama calling on him to bring the Affordable Care Act into compliance with the National Voter Registration Act. By some estimates, this failure has already cost 1.7 million lost voter registrations.

EPA Limits Methane

The Obama Administration announced the first-ever-regulations to cut methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. League supporters sent thousands of comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of this rule.

Vote here sign

Action on voting rights in 2016 looks very similar to last year. On the whole, states are passing less restrictive election laws, and even better, more and more states are reforming their election process to help voters.

Tell Congress to end gridlock at the Federal Election Commission

It’s time to reform the Federal Election Commission. Tell Congress to support the Federal Election Administration Act of 2016. The new Federal Election Administration (FEA) would be comprised of five commissioners and would end gridlock at the commission and put the public’s interests over partisan interests.