Image of pile of money

It’s time to close this loophole that is letting too much big money into our elections. Stand up today and urge your Representatives to strengthen the coordination rules!

Take our National Voter Registration Act quiz!

Help us celebrate 22 years of improved voter registration – take our short quiz on the National Voter Registration Act.

League volunteers registering new voters

Over 26 states have, or will soon have, online voter registration. The proposed online voter registration bills in Florida and Texas would provide thousands of citizens the ability to easily register to take part in our democracy.

Happy Mother's Day!

Share our Mother’s Day image to help reflect upon the important role that mothers play in fostering strong civic values within their children!

Shayna Howell with her family

We must teach our children that democracy is not a spectator sport. Advocacy and voting aren't additional chores for our lists, they're extensions of all the things we already care about.

Megan and her son, Oliver, voting

My mother helped foster my love for our democracy, and now it’s my turn. It’s up to me (and Oliver’s dad) to teach him about our government, our democracy and how he can ultimately play a role in the future of our country.

Amy Hjerstedt with her son (left) and other League volunteers ready to register new voters

Mother's Day is the day to honor all of the moms who balance motherhood with being an active citizen, therefore ensuring our kids – and our communities – have the tools they need to be smart voters and active participants in our democracy.