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Three election assistance hotlines: 1-866-OUR-VOTE, 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota and 1-888-API-VOTE – will be available to assist voters who are having difficulties on Election Day.

Use VOTE411.org to get the elections information you need

While the League continues to oppose new restrictions on registration and voting, we also continue to work with registrars and administrators dedicated to making elections about voters and their ability to weigh, and not about which party wins or loses.

Take Control - Vote on 11/4/14.

Our democracy’s future is on the line. Support our democracy and use the power of your vote – take control by voting in this important election and bring your family and neighbors with you to the polls.

President MacNamara with Virginia League members and election officials

In Virginia, voter photo ID will be required for the first time and as many as 200,000 eligible voters may not have the requisite ID.

Use VOTE411.org to get the elections information you need

Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s something scarier than goblins, ghouls and ghosts – not being ready for Election Day! Luckily VOTE411.org can help answer any questions you have about the upcoming elections, including a big one – what will be on your ballot.

Make Your Election Day Game Plan!

What's your Election Day game plan? Here are the questions to ask yourself to get ready to vote November 4th!

Voto Latino Power Summit

The League was happy to participate in Voto Latino’s Power Summit, which brought together hundreds of emerging Latino leaders for a day of learning, sharing and honest conversations about the role of young Latinos in the future of civic engagement in America.