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High School Visitors Flex Their Advocacy Muscle

By mduncan
High School Students Visiting Washington, DC

I was thrilled to visit with over 100 students visiting Washington, D.C. through the Close Up Foundation to help explain how the League of Women Voters advocates on public policy issues at the federal, state and local levels.

One Classroom at a Time: Breaking Down Barriers to the Youth Vote

By mduncan
Voter Registration materials

I’ve been a proud League of Women Voters staffer and a local volunteer since 2006. In my work I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of inspiring League volunteers and seen large-scale voter empowerment efforts come to life.

LWV Launches Youth Voter Registration Program in 15 States

By mduncan
League volunteers at a voter registration drive

Our Youth Voter Registration Program kicked off in nearly 40 communities nationwide. League volunteers in 15 states will visit local high schools, community colleges and technical/vocational schools to help young people get registered and ready to vote in 2014.