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Voting Issues on Election Day Point to Need for Decreasing Barriers and Reforming the Election System

By tobrien
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I worked with the Election Protection Hotline to help many voters rectify the issues they were facing when attempting to exercise their right to vote. But it also illuminated how far we have to go to have fair, free and accessible elections for all eligible citizens.

The Final Push to Ensure All Voters Can Vote and Have Their Vote Counted

By tobrien
Election Protection -

Three election assistance hotlines: 1-866-OUR-VOTE, 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota and 1-888-API-VOTE – will be available to assist voters who are having difficulties on Election Day.

Leagues Continue Fight for Voting Rights as Election Day Draws Near

By tobrien
Your Vote Matters on Election Day

Election Day is less than a month away and Leagues across the county continue to educate and engage citizens. This task has become more difficult as numerous states have passed laws making it more difficult to register, vote and have that vote count. Take a look at what is happening in a few key states.