League Cheers Decision to Protect People, Not Polluters

Washington, DC - The League of Women Voters of the United States released the following statement from national president Elisabeth MacNamara regarding the Obama Administration’s decision to set new limits on carbon pollution from dirty, coal-fired power plants. 

“Today’s decision by EPA is a big win for public health.  Limiting carbon pollution from dirty coal-fired power plants will save lives and help control the warming of our planet.  Big polluters and some politicians have put heavy pressure on the Administration to back down.  Today, we are glad the Obama Administration looked the special interests in the eye and sided with people, not polluters.

Public opinion is clear -- voters want the EPA to hold corporate polluters responsible for dirty air and threats to public health.  The science is clear -- new clean air standards are essential to protect peoples’ health.  The League of Women Voters is pleased that the Obama Administration has chosen the health of children and families instead of giving in to the lobbying of big polluters.”