LWVUS sent the following letter to the EPA in support of Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants and commends the EPA for taking this crucial first step to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from large power plants that are built in the future.

The League joined coalition partners from around the country calling on the U.S. Senate to oppose S.J. Res 37. The resolution proposed by Senator Jim Inhofe that would nullify the Environmental Protection Agency's historic Mercury and Air Toxics Standard.

The League joined members of the environmental community urging the Senate to oppose S.J. Res.37, the Congressional Review Act disapproval resolution sponsored by Senator Inhofe that
would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) life-saving Mercury and AirToxics Standards for power plants.

Leading Public Health and Environment Groups Applaud Obama Administration Decision to Cut Toxic Emissions from Dirty Power Plants

The League and coalition partners sent a letter to Senate and House leadership, opposing the attachment of any anti-environmental riders to the spending and tax bills that Congress is trying to get done before the end of the year.

The League and coalition partners sent a letter to the Senate urging them to oppose S. 1786, which would block the EPA’s ability to clean-up life-threatening toxic air pollution.

United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

The League and coalition groups sent a letter to the White House expressing deep concern that the Environmental Protection Agency will not meet its commitment to propose long- overdue Clean Air Act standards limiting dangerous carbon pollution from new and existing power plants. The groups also asked the President to reaffirm the administration’s commitment to issue strong standards that significantly reduce carbon emissions from both new and existing power plants as the Clean Air Act requires.

League President, Elisabeth MacNamara, sent a letter to the House of Representatives asking them to make the promise to protect public health through clean air standards.


TO: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

FROM: Elisabeth MacNamara, President

RE: Make the Clean Air Promise

Dear Representative:

On behalf of our millions of members, activists, and supporters, we urge you to oppose strongly the suite of bills contained in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's legislative agenda memo that would block the EPA's ability to clean-up life-threatening pollution. This extreme, ideological agenda will not create jobs, but it will cost lives. It prioritizes the narrow interests of politically connected polluter industries over the broader goal of safeguarding the lives and health of our children, communities, and families.

The League and and coalition partners sent a letter to Senators urging them to consider a number of important principles as they vote on budget proposals.