The League joined other groups calling on the U.S. House to oppose amendments related to campaign finance issues that were attached to the House Financial Services bill. This is a tactic that the House has tried to use since 2011 and the riders included attempts to gut the Johnson amendment, which prohibits charitable and religious institutions from engaging in campaign activities, and a rider to increase the ability of business associations to solicit money from the executive and administrative personnel of corporations.


The League joined constitutional rights and public interest groups in opposing calls for an Article V Constitutional Convention.

LWVUS joined LWVMD and 40 other national and local organizations supporting rescission of a resolution that calls for an Article V Constitutional Convention.

The League joined a letter sent to the Committee on House Administration opposing legislation that would terminate the Presidential Election Campaign Fund and the Election Assistance Commission.

The League sent a memo to the U.S. Senate about the most recent nominee to the Supreme Court.

The League joined a letter to Capitol Hill urging Congress to table Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions of disapproval, which would harm American workers, consumers, and families.

The League joined other good government groups on a letter to the U.S. Senate urging Senators to cosponsor legislation to address financial conflicts of interest of the President and Vice President. The legislation, introduced by Senator Warren (D-MA), ensures that those elected as President will be required to take the steps essential to eliminating any conflicts of interest, appearances of conflict, and Emoluments Clause problems they will face as President.

The League joined a letter with other coalition partners in opposition of riders to HR 5485, the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act. The riders would ensure that big money and special interests continue to dominate the political system.


June 22, 2016

Dear Representative:

The League joined a letter to the U.S. House urging Representatives to vote against an amendment that would reduce the budget of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).

The League joined partners on a letter to the U.S. House opposing H.R. 5053, legislation that would eliminate the requirement for 501(c) groups to disclose their donors to the IRS.