Leaders’ Update

The Leaders’ Update shall include only those materials pertaining directly to the ongoing work and activities of the LWVUS and the LWVEF. 

State and local Leagues and League networks that wish to share information with other Leagues are encouraged to do so through lists established for that purpose.


Guidelines for LWVUS/LWUEF Sponsored Online Discussion Lists

The purpose of an LWVUS/LWVEF-sponsored discussion list is to promote the mission and goals of the League by facilitating the exchange of information among members and among the levels of League. In deciding whether or not to establish a list, the board shall consider the following criteria:

Bylaws Committee


The Bylaws Committee shall consist of five members, of whom three shall not be members of the national board.  The LWV President shall make the appointments at least six months prior to Convention.  Members will serve until the close of the next biennial Convention.


Attendance at LWVUS Conventions/Councils

Any person who holds an elected or appointed position in the LWVUS (including members of the board, the nominating, budget, bylaws and campaign oversight committees and the UN observer and alternate observer) is presumed to be acting in that capacity while attending convention and/or council.  As such, these individuals may not publicly express disagreement with the board-recommended program, budget or bylaws amendments.

Withdrawal of Recognition

In extraordinary circumstances, when a state League does not assume its responsibility to request that the LWVUS board withdraw recognition from a local League for recurring failure to fulfill the requirements adopted by the LWVUS convention, the LWVUS board may itself initiate the procedure to withdraw recognition from the local League.

Contact Information Policy

Official Contact Information for State and Local Leagues and ILOs

Planned Giving Policies


Fundraising Policies

 Overarching Principles

Direct Mail Policies


Rental and Exchange of Donor Lists

The development staff is authorized to rent or exchange the non-member and nationally-recruited member donor lists to meet the fundraising goals of the LWVUS/LWVEF.

Support or Opposition to Political Nominees


Under very special circumstances, the LWVUS may support or oppose political appointments to federal office with the direct approval of the LWVUS board.  If the board is not to meet in time for the matter to be considered, the board shall be polled by telephone or email. 

The LWVUS may oppose a nominee only when the nominee clearly has no qualifications for the job—not when the nominee merely holds positions that differ from those of the LWVUS.