Have you ever found yourself in the middle of this cycle?

By Eleanor Revelle (LWVIL and LWVUS Climate Change Task Force Member)

When colder weather strikes, heating bills start to climb. Not only is that hard on the checkbook; it also means increased greenhouse gas emissions. What is a thrifty, ecologically-minded person to do? 

When pondering marketing, you may think “How can I possibly afford to market the League? We can barely afford the postage we need.”

Or maybe you can afford some marketing and advertising, but you’re looking for the best use of your limited resources when getting and keeping members. Whatever your League situation, you have many inexpensive marketing tools available.

This election season has been an exciting time for local Leagues! Once this part of the year is over, I know your League has planned many projects for '08 and '09. Some of these may include advocacy efforts, educational forums, and round table discussions with the community, fundraising dinners, and other energetic opportunities to excite members and gain visibility to attract new members.

By Chad Tolman (LWVDE)

Coal – Is It:

The great hope?
It is cheap and readily available in many parts of the world; it can reduce oil imports and fuel economies in developing countries.






Dear newspaper writer, 

The countdown to Election Day has begun! With just over [INSERT DAYs/WEEKS] to go until Election Day, it’s time to make sure your readers are prepared to vote!

Sample Radio Script: Voter Participation

The League of Women Voters is working with media nationwide to be sure voters have all the information they need to participate in this election.  Please use the suggested script below to reach your listeners between now and Election Day. If your station has a website, please also link to the League's election information website, VOTE411.org.

There isn't a better time to recruit members!

I don't have many more chances to impress you with the rich opportunities to recruit members during this election season. Your League phone may be ringing with people looking for the League to answer questions about voting. Great! Take just a moment to inform them about:

My local League, LWV Chautauqua County, had a talented volunteer member, Bill Parks, video one of our programs and up-load it to YouTube so those who could not attend would be able to see it on their computers. It is something perhaps that your local league could do with little effort.

Background on presentation:

Elections present voters with important choices. Whether it is a local race that will affect your community or a national race that could change the direction of the country, it is a time to consider the issues which you care about and decide which candidate you support. Even if you are under 18 and not yet eligible to vote, election campaigns offer an excellent way to learn about the people and issues that affect your future.