In an amicus curiae brief, the League asked the Supreme Court to protect fair voting districts by holding that the Voting Rights Act does not require a minority community's size to meet a rigid numerical quota.

This follows successful League action last year to ask the Court to take up this important redistricting case.

Tips for Local League Websites

In recent years, Leagues have come a long way in integrating new technology into their practices. Almost half of all League members have an email address in our database, many Leagues send out their monthly newsletters electronically, and more and more Leagues have been creating Web sites. Web sites have vastly increased the visibility and accessibility of local Leagues in their communities. However, just as imperative as it is to have a Web site, it is important that League Web sites are easy for visitors to find, read, and navigate.

Convention Resolutions

Rule 10

A. Procedure for Proposed Program
At the Sunday Plenary meeting, the proposed LWVUS Program for 2008-2010 shall be moved for adoption by a member of the LWVUS Board. There may be questions for clarification, with responses limited to one minute each, but no additional motions or debate are in order at this time. Debate on the proposed program may take place at the Sunday plenary meeting at a time designated by the President and may continue during the Monday plenary meeting.


VOTE! Brochure

VOTE Brochure

A step-by-step guide to voting and Election Day, especially designed to reach out to new young voters. It covers the five basics: Who can vote; what we’ll vote on; when we’ll vote; where we’ll vote; and why we should vote. It also includes registration, absentee ballot and Election Day information, along with a brief list of our Election Day rights.

Available in English (Pub. No. 2062) and Español (Pub No.  2063).

By Winifred Colwill (LWVMO)

States throughout the nation have adopted a wide range of initiatives that directly or indirectly help to mitigate global warming.i Initially, the stimulus to act was often air quality regulations, electricity costs, or economic issues as much as climate change.

By Win Colwill

Greenhouse gas inventories conducted as a result of the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change revealed to the world that the United States, with only 5 percent of the world’s population, was responsible for 25 percent of global warming emissions. Publicity surrounding the Earth Summit raised public awareness of the threat of global warming and the need for action to address the problem for the first time.

Cities for Climate Control Protection (CCP) Program

Leagues File Amicus Brief in Indiana Voter ID Case

In 2007 a small group of distinguished women political leaders from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States met at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, for a roundtable discussion on the dramatic advances achieved by women seeking public office in the past ten years—and the challenges currently facing women in electoral politics.

League Files Amicus Brief in North Carolina Voting Rights Act Case

LWVUS filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court that will determine the rights of minority voters in North Carolina.  The brief urges the Court to hear the case which will review the Voting Rights Act in relation to a 2003 redistricting in North Carolina.