The League and coalition partners sent a letter to Senators urging opposition to Senator Murkowski's amendment attacking the Clean Air Act.

Brevity. It’s not just the soul of wit, it’s also the core principle of a good membership ask. You should be able to say what you need to say in about a minute. Focus on what’s most important and cut away the rest. Think about what is important to that person.

Opening. You want a hook to pique the listener’s interest, or a quick tag line to encapsulate what you are about to say.

The League and the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) released the final report and summary of the 2009 conference "Developing an Action Agenda for Redistricting in 2011." With support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Joyce Foundation and the Ford Foundation, the League and CLC brought together redistricting activists and experts to determine how to influence the results of the upcoming redistricting processes in states following the 2010 Census.

We to look with anticipation for the possibilities in the new year. Stay well and happy. Be open to change!

We have talked about handling difficult board behaviors that grind down a meeting. Here are a few more tips to minimize "bored" boards!


Just came from my local League's program planning meeting. (You should check out the program planning webinar posted on our website if you missed it live!)

It is pretty clear that League members have strong opinions. Often it is around the board table when issues become heated. I thought I'd offer a few techniques for working through a confrontation or argument at a board meeting.

The League filed an amicus brief in League of Women Voters vs. Rokita  before the Indiana Supreme Court.  The brief argues that the Indiana Voter I.D. law burdens the voting rights of some citizens resulting in the unjustifiable disenfranchisement of constitutionally eligible voters.

A Revolution from the Court?

by Mary G. Wilson, President, League of Women Voters of the United States

(The League filed an amicus brief in the case Citizens United v. FEC in association with the Constitutional Accountability Center)

Here's a great way to gain more visibility in your community, engage members, and find new leaders! Invigorate your Observer Corps or start it anew!

Begin by deciding on one public body you want to observe.

Find an observer.

Give them a large League of Women Voters pin to wear to every meeting.

Lifetime Salutes the League of Women Voters

In June of 2000, Lifetime produced this short film to salute the League of Women Voters.

To use this file to create your own DVD of the film, you will need a DVD-R (or DVD+R or DVD±R) Drive, software capable of burning DVDs and a writeable/burnable DVD-ROM.

League and Partners Release Statement on Impending Ethics Deadline

The League and coalition partners released a statement discussing the report released by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) and the upcoming deadline for important OCE actions.