League and Partners Release Statement on Impending Ethics Deadline

The League and coalition partners released a statement discussing the report released by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) and the upcoming deadline for important OCE actions.

LWVUS Announces Extraordinary Charitable Contribution to Secure and Strengthen the League

Fall is the time when many local League members are renewing. In my League about half renew with no reminders. Others, we all know, may need a personal contact. Some may not rejoin for financial reasons...or because they feel they have no time to be involved.



NOTE: Although it is discouraging when members drop from League rosters, your League does not have to be passive. Reach out with tactics listed below to ensure you have done everything possible to keep that person a member.

Here is an idea that was successfully used last year. A Valentine's Day card was sent as a thank you to members and other potential members and friends of League. I can send the publisher files to you privately since this list cannot handle attachments. Here are the contents: mail back "coupon" and card text.


Here’s my contribution.

Big Heart__________________$500___

Heartfelt __________________$200___

Sweetheart ________________ $100___

Meeting with Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY)

The League of Women Voters organized a Study Tour in Washington DC for the newly formed Clean Community Coalition of Southern Armenia.  The tour for five Armenians took place in September 2009 to illustrate through meetings and site visits how trash collection, landfills, and other waste management issues are handled in the United States.  The participants also used this opportunity to deepen their knowledge and hone their advocacy skills.

Hotel Information

The hotel has extended the cut-off date for our room rate from May 10-May 24.

All plenary sessions and events will be held at the

Marriott Atlanta Marquis

265 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia

We just did a coffee/general membership meeting, to welcome new and prospective members, give a brief history of LWV, explain some of the terms used in LWV, updates on some of our committees, and to talk about our plans for the year. It was very successful, and we handed out a glossary of LWV terms, membership forms, rosters (with bylaws, positions, and membership list), and events/meetings calendars, and had at least two in attendance join up. From our sign-up sheets, we had 25 in attendance, including our board members and current members.



Good Evening. I am NAME AND TITLE (e.g. Marcia Merrins member of the LWV Chautauqua County and director on the national  level of the League). I am moderator with Judy Reynolds for this evening’s Meet the Candidates Forum.

Today I chatted with a president from a local League in Virginia about a new member orientation she was planning for November. My discussion with her prompted some thoughts. I am sure you can share yours ideas on this discussion list too!

Integrate the member as soon as possible into the League process.

Call the member to welcome him/her. Having the president call is very effective.

90th Anniversary: Making Democracy Work Award

The Making Democracy Work (MDW) Award is an excellent tool for use during the League of Women Voters 90th anniversary year, as well as future annual events.  The MDW Award program is designed to both highlight the value of membership to potential League members and to increase the visibility of the League’s contributions to the community.