• When the League Speaks, Council Members Listen!

    Council members in Naperville, CA, agreed with Jane Barnes, League of Women Voters of Naperville president, when she asked for a public meeting (in each district) on a proposed map of voting districts, saying:

  • Member Spotlight

    Clint Weirick

    "Many times local issues in my community don't get the focus and attention they need to genuinely educate and engage the public on them...including me! Public forums my local League conducts make me feel a true personal connection to local issues and candidates. Joining was the only natural way for me to support the League!"

    ~Clint Weirick, LWV of San Luis Obispo, CA

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  • The League of Women Voters of Kern County, CA is visiting area high schools this spring with one message: register, vote, and be counted!  By June 1st, the Kern County League will have held registration events at eight schools.  Just this week, me