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    Register, Then Vote

  • That’s the message high school students are getting from their local League of Women Voters. The Leagues are working in a nationwide push to register students at their “workplace.”

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    Tracy Miller

    "When my son was voting for the first time, he wanted to be sure that his vote was one that would elect candidates whose views jibed with his. He consulted me, and we used the VOTERS GUIDE along with the local newspaper. He paid close attention to the answers candidates gave. I was grateful to the League of Women Voters for providing such a valuable tool, and I wanted to repay the debt."

    ~Tracy Miller, LWV of Baltimore County, MD

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    Diana Haskell

    "Being a League member has greatly expanded my life! When I joined LWV of Wake County, NC, affordable housing and comprehensive sex education were my primary interests. Eventually, I became chair of the education committee and then League president.

    During this period I worked to build coalitions with like-minded organizations and to extend the League presence in the community. We also offered Running & Winning workshops that promoted public service by bringing together young women and elected female officials.

    Upon relocating to Bethesda, MD, my husband and I joined LWV of Montgomery County. Hugh is a member of the LWVMD electricity study, and I am now serving on the LWVUS Volunteer Lobby Corps and as an LWVUS Ruth S. Shur Fellow."

    ~Diana Haskell, LWVUS Ruth S. Shur Fellow

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