Urge your Senator to vote "NO" on Graham-Cassidy

This interview originally appeared on The Union Edge.

Maggie Bush, the Program and Outreach Director from the League of Women Voters joins us to talk about National Voter Registration Day, which is coming up on September 26. This is the day of the year that The League gets out there and does their best to get people registered to vote. This includes new citizens, people just turning 18, and anyone else who isn’t yet registered to vote.

This Hail Mary Attempt to Repeal Obamacare will Harm Millions

Washington, DC - Senate Republicans introduced yet another health care bill today in a final effort to repeal Obamacare by using a special budget procedure to advance the legislation with a simple majority by the end of September. League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement: 

This week, the Pence-Kobach sham Commission will meet for the second time in New Hampshire. They have a packed agenda with panels reinforcing their goal of laying the groundwork for voter suppression by purging eligible voters from the rolls.

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Stay Safe Florida


Washington, DC - The Trump administration today announced their intention to reverse the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, leaving the fate of 800,000 immigrants in jeopardy. League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement:

"This administration's decision to rescind the 'Dreamers' program is shameful and does not serve national interest.